Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fun @ The Vintage Bazaar

Saturday and Sunday I was at The Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury MA for my first ever vintage show! It was a ton of fun and I met some great vendors and customers. It's a different and wonderful experience to get to see people try on the items you've picked out and look great in them! When you sell online, you never get to see the end result (well, unless someone is kind enough to send you a photo!) and so doing an outdoor event was really awesome.

Sam from Gilded Rose Studio came by and set up on Saturday to sell some of her shower caps and embroidery.

Here are some photos from the event:
 A table of housewares. There was a little panda bank which went to a young girl, and a red vintage handmade wall hanging that was taken home, too.
The dress form was rotated out with lots of fabulous garments throughout the day. This dress was purchased by another vendor - she looked great in it!
 Tons of clothes and jewelry - and a changing booth in the corner!
Great prints and laces. The blue polka dot was a big hit, but didn't find a new home because it's so tiny!
Day 2 we had some flash sales and sent some great items home with people! We had out a smaller selection so it wouldn't be quite as overwhelming.
I put a rack of great blouses and a spinner of scarves out for people to browse as they passed.
Me the first day in my 1950s polka dot cotton dress. Lots of compliments on it!

I had a great time and am trying to work out how to do the September Bazaar... I have a vintage wedding to go to that weekend but my friend Katie of Dose of Happy may be able to man the booth for me...we'll see!

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If you shopped at Foxburrow Vintage and have a photo of yourself in one of your finds, I'd love to see it!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Come visit FOXBURROW VINTAGE this weekend at the VINTAGE BAZAAR in Salisbury MA! It's on a beautiful flower farm and it's going to be amazing!

New stock that isn't in the shop, great prices and even a fitting room so you can make sure it fits before you buy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From Pinterest to Realtiy #2 - An Outfit Post

Every now and then I like to cruise through my Dress Up, Not Down board on Pinterest and look for some inspiration for dressing for the day. For this outfit, I spotted a great (and in my opinion very versatile) pin from Polyvore that matches a cute dress, cardigan and riding boots. As soon as I looked at the pin I saw this outfit pop into my mind. I have a magic talent for remembering all of the clothing I have and putting pieces together without ever taking them out of my closet.

This vintage Avon bow necklace came from Etsy. Here's another one for just a few bucks. I saw this and just had to have it. I love how it rests just at the base of the neck. I think it would be perfect with a button up shirt so I'll have to try that soon!

I've been experimenting with what I am calling the "mini beehive". I noticed that when I push a headband back it gives me a tastefully small bump and adds some volume to the hair. I've been adding some hair spray for extra volume and this do held up all day long without any fly-aways. I like it.

Here's the original outfit I used for inspiration on Pinterest. I love the comfy look of that cardigan, but anything I have that is that heavy is most likely in storage for the summer. The thing I love most about this outfit is that it's so easily substitute-able. It would match perfectly with any number of vintage dress such as this high-collared polkadot 50s dress or this navy blue and white dress from Tori Richard.

It's been really rainy here, but I managed to snap a shot of my garden gnome in his natural habitat. I think he needs a name... Any suggestions? The pink plant is new this year - it's a perennial which is great because it means I have to buy fewer plants year after year.

Some exciting news coming up this week... stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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