Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Style a Sequin Blouse

Sequin blouses are surprisingly very wearable. The glitz and glamor can be pared down with the right bottoms and look perfectly stylish and on trend. For anyone who's been eying a sequin blouse but just isn't sure about committing, here are some great ways to style your vintage blouse and make it look modern.

Foxburrow Vintage / With Skinny Jeans & Pumps
Oh Calypso / With tights if it's long enough

Storey Threads / With skinny jeans and leather boots

EAMinternational / With a hat, shorts and thigh highs

Victims or Villians / With leggings and stacked sandals

Hip to the Jive Vintage / With jeggings and booties

Thrifted and Modern / With a chiffon skirt

Storey Threads / With rolled khakis and sandals

NoirOhioVintage / With cutoffs

Gemini Collective / With leather or faux leather shorts and a hat

The Kissing Tree / With cigarette pants and booties

Empress Jade / With high waisted shorts and sunnies

Feeling more confident in your sequin fetish now??? Good!

Here are a few more tips to make sure you get an awesome sequin blouse:

- Look for one with a great neckline that will flatter your face and shape
- Make sure it's the right length for how you want to style it -- go longer for tights or leggings, shorter for high waisted shorts or pants
- Look for patterns or designs that have a modern or retro edge. If you think it's too Cosby, don't get it!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Outfit Post: Casual Nouveau

I bought a great dress for the shop and with it was a button up shirt in a matching pattern. I knew right away I had to keep the shirt for myself in order to let the dress make it to a new home. I typically don't wear shorts, despite any heat, and if I do they are usually 5" or bermudas... but these vintage Gap denim shorts have been a staple in my closet for a few years. Maybe once or twice a summer I'll break them out. Most of the time I wear them to the beach, but today I decided to mix them with the mucha-esque button up top.

 Still trying to get the range right on my new DSLR. I think I'll have to get a remote for it soon.
 Went with teal and gold accessories to bring out the green in the blouse print.
 Vintage bangles, and a druzy bangle from a fashion show in Boston.
 I enjoy the clarity of the grass in this photo.
 Romping dachshund.
A shot of the matching dress. Isn't the print amazing? Required a lot of TLC to get it vibrant and clean, but it was worth it.

Shoes / Delia*s
Blouse / Jan Sue California, Vintage
Necklace / Gift
Bangles / Vintage Givenchy, gold/teal druzy
Shorts / Vintage Gap
Belt / Betsey Johnson
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