Monday, September 23, 2013

A Very Vintage Wedding

This weekend I attended a close friend's beautiful vintage themed wedding. From the mis-matched vintage china and crystal water goblets to the hand painted bird-themed tables and s'mores bar, this outdoor wedding was simply lovely.

As a bridesmaid, we were asked to find large print floral dresses and, of course, being a lover of the 1950s I had to go with one from that era. In the spring I found a dress I loved at the Vintage Textile Expo in Sturbridge and snapped it up. I decided to accent the dress with some 1950s accessories and finished off with some modern purple suede wedges and a cardigan. All the gals wore cardigans for the chilly morning - it was a cute look!
1950s wedding bridesmaid foxburrow vintage
The sun was out despite a rainy forecast and the backyard was beautiful and green.
vintage modern bride foxburrow vintage
The bride was a total 1950s doll.
foxburrow vintage vintage gloves and bird bracelet
Some creamy crochet gloves and a once-necklace that broke and was made into a necklace. Fit nicely with the bird theme.
foxburrow vintage wedding centerpiece

Each table had a bird theme. You matched your name cards up with the bird on your table. The birds were even hand painted by the bride's talented mother.
foxburrow vintage bridal bouquet
The bride's flowers were lovely. Crystal flowers were worked into the bouquet and the bride wrote her vows on a monogrammed handkerchief in fabric marker - no crinkling paper and an emergency tissue for dabbing the eyes! So clever.
foxburrow vintage smores bar
The s'mores bar was a big hit.
The blueberry infused vodka lemonade was a huge hit for cocktail hour!
The flowers were amazing.
Aj and I tore up the dance floor!

All in all a wonderful time with great company! What a beautiful day Margaux and Brian had for their adorable wedding!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Secret World of Haute Couture

While recently scrolling my favorite blogs for news from NY Fashion Week and perusing Pinterest endlessly, I came across this beautiful image of a shoe with the tag "Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2013" and thought I just HAD to look up the collection. Wow...I was not disappointed. It was actually the Winter 2014 collection that this shoe was from, and while not from a haute couture collection, it was unbelievably beautiful, inspiring, and breath-taking.

You can view the whole fashion show lineup on their website here,but beware you will find yourself lost in the beauty. The simple detailing and construction techniques that went into these pieces is astounding.

Because I love the 50s silhouette this first photo was my favorite piece, but each piece was wearable and so terribly chic. It's been so long since I've seen something so beautiful, I'm just about at a loss for words. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Really though the whole collection is worth looking at for hours on end. The detail warrants it.

Anyway it got me talking to a fellow clothing lover and fashion lover who mentioned a video I'd like to share with you. It's a 45 minute documentary from the BBC on the making and wearing and collecting of haute couture. Dolce and Gabbana have only been doing haute couture for about a year, and from what I hear it's out of Italy and not Paris...but let's not get picky here. Watch the video, it's enlightening, and if you've ever tried on a beautifully made, astounding piece of clothing that fits you perfectly, you know why these women collect the garments the way they do.

What was your favorite item from the fall runways???
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