Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Wardrobe Basics: Leather

For me, one of the wardrobe basics is leather. Leather is timeless. An investment in solid leather accessories is a no-brainer. They will never go out of style, and can be incorporated into so many looks! Check out how I use two vintage tan-leather accessories to accent a modern outfit below.

Silk Tunic, Ann Taylor Petites
Belt, Vintage - similar here
Pants, Delias Morgan Skinnys Mayfield Wash
Shoes, Vintage deadstock - similar here

Maybe it's all in my head, but I feel like there's 2 reasons that people don't wear or won't wear vintage.

1) They think it's used and icky, or
2) They don't know how to mix it into their wardrobe and still get the look they're going for.

And yet, people buy "distressed" and "worn" jeans, leather, shirts, etc. If your problem is #1 - don't stress! Most vintage stuff hasn't been worn in over 40 years and can easily be washed. But if you still don't want to wear used, there's plenty of "deadstock" out there - which means vintage that has never been worn, but comes from a store closing or is the vintage version of buying those hot new shoes you saw in the shop window and forgetting about them in the back of your closet. A lot of deadstock items come with original shop tags. Just search "deadstock" on Etsy or any vintage site to find the never worn vintage.

If your problem is #2, it's all about stepping outside of the cookie cutter world of what's sold in the mall, and moving into making your own looks! Find your favorite fashion bloggers that mix in vintage, and check out what they're doing. Honestly, a lot of vintage doesn't look dated or "out there" - Half the time if I'm wearing vintage, no one can even tell. It's all about style! Follow my Dress Up, Not Down and Vintage Threads boards on Pinterest for daily inspiration. Most importantly, find some vintage you can relate to and experiment!

Mix together your modern clothing with some vintage additions. There's no book of rules that says you have to wear purely vintage.


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