Sunday, March 17, 2013

Casual Spring

 It's easy to find vintage that still feels chic and modern, because fashion is somewhat cyclical. Styles from the past re-gain popularity as the ages pass, and we're able to snap up beautiful clothes that are unique and fun. I love wearing pieces that I know no one else will have - for me, that's part of the allure of wearing vintage. This spring, lace and pastels are IN and so I've been actively hunting through the soft peaches and pinks and yellows for the best of the best.
spring outfit peach lace blouse spring green pants
Vintage Peach Stretchy Lace Top, buy it here
Spring Green JCREW Corduroys, thrifted
Vintage Woven Leather Mules, buy them here
Vintage Leather Accordion Handbag, buy it here

For this look I just wanted something casual, to go about the day doing work as needed. I love the peach and green color combination. I think it's fun and bright, and perfectly spring. 

long hair style peach lace spring blouse
For my hair, I wanted to try this pin that I found on Pinterest. Essentially you just pull your hair back into a ponytail and curl the hair in three or four big groups. The style lasted all day and gave lots of body. It was extremely easy and took about 5 minutes... I'll definitely do it again! I haven't had hair this long in ages, so even though I see lots of pretty things that people do with it on blogs and pinterest...I just feel lost when I go to do my own hair styles! I'm planning a hair cut soon, but in the mean time I want to keep my tresses styled!

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