Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holidays... a time to go over the top

A lot of times, I feel as though regular fashionistas and casual girls just don't know where they would wear some of the over-the-top vintage dresses that emerge on the market. Sure, that's a beautiful 1950s dress but where on Earth would you ever wear it!? For me, the answer is always holidays and special occasions. And in this case: Easter! Easter is the perfect occasion to don a beautiful spring dress from an era long passed. Tea length and knee length dresses are perfect, and beautiful boho maxi dresses can be a great option, too!

Today I chose a beautiful 1950s dress with pretty pastel pistachio silk organza that's embroidered with pretty flowers and interspersed between pastel blue floral cutouts. The sleeves and neckline are darling, with scalloped-type edges that go with the carefully placed flower petals. I'm not sure where this dress was made, or by whom, but the time and care put into it is astounding. I've been holding onto this one for months just to wear it today.
1950s silk embroidered day dress

Holidays make it so easy to get away with dressing up and dressing darling. Why wear a cookie-cutter dress from the mall when you can get something one of a kind and so chic?

1950s silk embroidered day dress

spring flowers

We had a lovely Easter lunch at the in-laws house and I got to see some blossoms sprouting up out of their flowerbeds.  We had delicious Greek bread made by a local Greek grocery, lamb and lots of other delicious goodies.
greek easter bread
The dress will be for sale in the shop soon, but in the mean time you should daydream up your next holiday outfit!

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