Saturday, April 13, 2013

SHOP UPDATE: Blouses for Spring

Blouses for Spring

I'm so infatuated with Spring I can barely handle it! Yesterday we got a freak hail and snow storm but hopefully that stuff is on its way out and I can head to the hardware store to pick up some flowers and vegetables for my gardens. By this time last year I was growing all kinds of things. My favorite things to grow are tomatoes, bell peppers, chives and mint. I find that those are things that are hardy and taste much better home grown than store-bought.

foxburrow vintage spring blouses

Another thing I look forward to is walks with my dogs. I've got two long dogs: a miniature dachshund and a pembroke welsh corgi. They're cute and love to be outside. We've been cooped up too long and need to get out to explore!

vintage hawaiian print blouses

And of course I really love going to the in-laws lake house. It's beautiful and serene up there and it's a nice chance to get away and read, knit and get a little sunshine. It's cold in the mornings and evenings until about July, but the sunshine warms you right up. And nothing is quite like laying near the water, listening to the sounds of nature (and the occasional boat and excited kid). 

vintage spring blouses

What are your favorite things to do in the spring? 

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