Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SHOP UPDATE: Braggin' About Baggage

With summer coming up fast (thank goodness!) I wanted to go through and list a bunch of great bags on Foxburrow Vintage! Sometimes I will collect a bunch of things in a theme (like belts, or ties, or bags, or shirts) and list them all together for a nice bit of cohesion. Plus, listing the same type of item helps me get through it all faster. So without further ado ... Braggin' About Baggage...
pink and purple sisal beach tote
1980s Sisal Beach Tote

vintage handmade bags
Handmade Southwest Bag // Handmade Crochet Bag
1960s tooled leather handbag
1960s Tooled Leather Handbag
vintage dior tie and swallows belt
Dior Men's Tie // Swallows Leather Belt
1960s wicker and metal bag
1960s Wicker and Metal Box Bag

Yesterday I went on a big buying trip and stocked up on amazing things to fill the shop. Expect to see lots of 1950s dresses flooding into the shop in the coming weeks and keeping the stock lively! A few have already been listed and you can see them here in the Foxburrow Vintage Etsy Shop!

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