Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Learning to Alter

Foxburrow Vintage

I've neglected posting for a while - with good reason I suppose I've been really busy adding things to the shop and keeping up with orders! But now that things are calming down just the slightest (the calm before the holiday shopping storm) I want to take some time to work on altering some of the vintage items I've found.

Sometimes I love a print, a detail on a garment, or the general fit of something, but there is one element I don't like. On this dress - I like the print and the fit at the waist and bust, but strongly dislike the 1970s poofy long-sleeves (hence why they are hidden in a cardigan). They have a normal shoulder, but then taper down into this nipped cuff poof thing that just isn't my style. So I'm going to try altering it by cutting the sleeves above the elbow instead.

Aside from mending, this will be the first time I've tried to alter a garment before. I figure better to try on a 1970s piece I am partially in love with than a 1950s piece I am smitten over. If I mess something up, the repercussions are a lot less emotional!

Wish me luck!

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