Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beginning To Look a Lot Like...

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and my favorite time of year. I love the songs, I love the lights, I love the parties and the chance to wear fancy clothes, and I love the family time.

Christmas is really starting to stream into Foxburrow Vintage! Not only are there vintage ornaments I've collected through the year, but there are also ugly Christmas sweaters, scarves, suspenders, books and more! That's not to mention the wonderful and exciting clothes for the holiday party season!

Here's a few things I've listed so far:

Vintage Wood Ornament Trio

Vintage Mercury Glass Ornament Trio

1950s Christmas Children's Books

1950s Cowboy's Christmas Book

1950s Babar and Father Christmas Book

1950s West Germany Glass Ornaments

1950s Mercury Glass Ornament Trio

To top it all off --- the foxy logo now has a bit of Christmas theme, too!

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