Sunday, January 12, 2014

SHOP UPDATE: Beat the Winter Blues

It's been far too long since I've done a shop update post, and I spent yesterday listing like a madwoman to get some fresh stock into the store. I'm wrapping up the last of my winter listings and am building up my spring collection on 50s dresses and vintage super soft rayon (my current obsession).

But in the mean time it is still freezing all over the US and there's some serious need for cozy goodies.

Here's just some of what is new in the shop this week:

Leather Fur 1970s mustard yellow coat
Leather & Fur 1970s Mustard Yellow Coat

1970s Estevez Eva Gabor Maxi Dress in Black and White

1980s Peplum Black Velvet Dress

1950s Tweed Hourglass Jacket

1970s ESTEVEZ Eva Gabor Chevron Maxi Dress

1970s Adele Simpson Winter Dress
1980s Purple & Teal Polka Dot Shirt Dress

Vintage Nordic Fair Isle Sweater (Corgi Not Included)

1960s Wool and Fur Mustard Yellow Coat

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