Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vintage Photographs

This summer I went to Brimfield Flea Market and met up with an old college friend. I was super pregnant and did only a little walking around. My friend happened to love old photographs, which I normally pass over in my hunt for clothing and accessories. However this time I stopped to browse with her, and found a few favorites to bring home. This is a small batch I picked up from one vendor.

 This is one of the Flume here in New Hampshire. It's a natural landmark and it just captured a piece of my heart. I guess there's something special about seeing a place you've been in a photo from 60 years ago.

 I just loved the innocence of this one. Kids will never stop being silly.

 Now that it's winter, I love this one even more. The mother in her malliot with her sweet little baby girl, playing in the waves. What a lovely moment, likely captured by an adoring father.

Look at this beautiful lady, all dressed up! Luxe mink cuffs on that dress, and such a beautiful neckline. Really classic elegance. I love this photo!


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