Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Foxburrow Boutique Setup Day 1

Today was Day 1 of the Foxburrow Vintage Boutique setup! There's still plenty of work to be done and items to be added but I thought I'd blog the progress so everyone could see how the space is coming along.

I got the shelves at a yard sale for free, and upgraded them with a little chalkboard paint in the back - I'll have to blog more about that later.

The new garment rack is heavy duty industrial grade and my new dress form will be showing off star pieces in style.

The general idea is that the stock will rotate every 2 weeks and a new selection of garments will be on the rack. So if you are not a fan of sweaters and coats, come back in two weeks for a selection of pretty dresses perfect for valentine's day! The general "feel" of the shop will also change based on the next upcoming holiday or season. So the whole shop will get a makeover for Valentine's day and then another makeover for spring!

This pretty mod coat is perfection for this frigid winter.
Head over heels for the stuffed duck pair in the shop right now!

Most of the items in the retail boutique will not be listed on Etsy simultaneously, so you'll get an exclusive shopping experience when you come visit. Items may be in the boutique first, and then make it onto Etsy, or vice versa!

Well, I'll do another update tomorrow when the booth is ready for action! Hopefully some shoppers will come and pick through this weekend and there will be more room for more new stuff.

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