Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY Vintage Hair Bow

You will need:

- A sewing machine or sewing needle
- Thread/scissors
- Fabric glue
- Vintage fabric
- A metal hair barrette (I used 3" french barrette)

I used one of my favorite tiny floral fabrics. A beautiful field of poppies and daisies. Very Liberty of  London I think.

First, cut two pieces of fabric measuring 5.5" x 4.5" - The longer side will be the top and bottom of your bow, so arrange your fabric print so it is upright.

Then, cut another strip of fabric measuring 2" wide x 3.5" long. This will be to go in the center of the bow.

Next, place the two sides of the fabric with right sides facing each other. You want to sew the back side of the fabric - if you can see the bright front of your fabric you don't have it placed correctly.  (see here if you are still confused)

Now sew around the edge, leaving a quarter inch seam margin. On one of the long sides of the fabric, leave a hole about 2" long in the middle of the fabric square. Double stitch on each side of this hole.Trim the corners, without cutting into the stitching.

Your end piece should look like this. Now use the hole in the bottom of the fabric to turn the whole thing inside out. Reach your fingers inside and pull the right side of the fabric through the hole, as if you were turning a t-shirt right side out so you can wear it.

Sew the hole closed by folding in the edges and sewing over the hole.

Now, take the long strip of fabric and with an iron (or your force of will) fold in both sides of the fabric strip so that the reverse side is a nice clean strip about .75" wide of right side printed fabric. Again this is for the center of your bow. After you've made a few, try a little knot-work or try doing the center out of a different matching fabric.  

Next comes the tricky part. Take one of your metal french barrettes or whatever closure you decide to use, and grab your fabric glue.

I didn't photograph the next part so I'm going to try to explain this with just words.

Take your fabric square and pinch it in the middle, fluff it up and arrange it until it's just how you like it.

Now, keeping it pinched, squeeze a little fabric glue over the center and hold it closed for about 30 seconds.

Next, open your barrette and place the bow on top of it where the solid strip of metal is. Dab a bit of fabric glue on the top of your bow, in the center, where you will place your fabric strip. Have your scissors at hand for the next part.

Take your piece of long fabric and with the right side facing up, place the center of it on top of the bow where the fabric glue is. Wrap the ends around the metal, and fabric glue them together, trimming off the excess.

Rub in more fabric glue to keep the edge down and secure the loop. Let it sit for an hour, and voila! a new hair bow.

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